4 Ways tile trim can enhance your project

Written By: Rachel Harvey

Tile by itself is nice, but beauty and sophistication is in the details and tile trim can provide just that. Adding tile trim to your floor, wall, fireplace or an outdoor patio can enhance the look of any project and add a polished, eye catching finish. We’ve provided a list of four creative ways that decorative or accent trim can be used to complete your tile project.

You can add a finishing touch to the main focal point of your home, the fireplace!

As most people know when you enter a living room, the main focal point of most homes is centered around the fireplace. With the fireplace being such an eye drawing and centralized feature of most homes, it only makes sense to make it ascetically appealing! You can use tile trim as a decorative accent  to transform your fireplace from just a functional element into a true work of art.

Add stunning accents to your bathroom or kitchen tile.

Most bathroom tile jobs have one uniformed set of tiles for the floors and shower, you can add incredible visual drama and gorgeous eye catching value to any bathroom design with the help of tile trim. Tiles come in a wide range of sizes and colors, and can be used in all kinds of ways to complete a project. You can choose contrasting tile for borders on countertops and backsplashes or to provide decorative interest in your shower or tub. Cove base tile is another trim option, and will give your floor tile a finished look.

Tile trim can be used to truly define your spaces.

Something often neglected in flooring is transitions between one tile to another or transitions from tile to wood and so on. Tile is available in countless colors and textures such as smooth, carved or textured styled that can be used to define areas of your home. You can use tile to create a border between spaces in an open floor plan design, or to add a visually pleasing effect to your floor.

You can connect indoor spaces with outdoor space.

Most tiles on the market today are good for both indoor and outdoor spaces and can be used to connect the interior with the exterior. Let’s say you use a blue and metallic accent trim in your kitchen and then you decide to build an outdoor kitchen on your patio; you can use that same blue tile trim as an accent for your outdoor patio to connect the two spaces and create a sense of flow.

Using tile trim adds a sophisticated and professional look to your projects, and makes great tile designs even better. Come in to our showroom today and browse all of our tiles and accent tile and let us get started on your home renovation today.