Commercial customers

Unlike most retail showrooms in major cities, Buffaloe Floors has built relationships with management companies, high rise residence buildings, schools , restaurants, retirement communities, small business owners, as well as the hotel and hospitality industry. Each of these industries has specific needs, and we have positioned ourselves to meet the demands of each.

If the imperative is materials specified by corporate contract, Buffaloe Floors has access to virtually every major mill and supplier based on many years of relationships with commercial customers. We understand commercial finishes and applications and have installers trained in product standards to ensure compliance with your corporation or franchise.

As a building manager Buffaloe Floors is the perfect partner for finish outs and updates. Whether the leasee is choosing from among durable products you specify or looking to create the ambiance of time honored tradition, we can direct the design, fabrication, and execution of any style or period. When you contract with us, you alleviate the potential of substandard work, and are guaranteed satisfied tenants.

Not every company has the ability to work easily with schools and other governmental agencies. We can arrange installation during off seasons, and breaks so that you avoid interruption. We can also arrange to keep repair stock on hand for you in the event of the eventual but always unexpected mishap. We have been in business since 1965 and are here for the long haul with you.



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