Hardwood flooring

Nothing says style and class like rich, luxurious hardwood. Properly installed, perfect hardwood has a depth to it which draws the eye in. It’s an almost hypnotic quality that reminds us of how warm and comfortable we feel in the presence of wood. Studies have clearly demonstrated that when we are surrounded by wood we simply feel better. It connects us to nature and provides a significant reduction in the stress responses of our Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). Wood is visually warm, and it contributes to social interaction as well as providing emotional support. One study revealed that humans are simply happier when in an environment with plenty of wood details. Psychologically it reinforces us. Asked to choose words for the effect, people use descriptors such as natural, comfortable, relaxing, warm, and inviting. Researchers observed that the more wood details present in a room, the greater the level of contentment reported by the occupants.

Wood is durable

Hardwood suits different needs, making it a great choice for many different rooms. If your family "mansion" sports a larger room where parties might be held, dancing is encouraged, and things might be dropped that could otherwise be difficult to clean, hardwood is often the best answer. Why do you think that old-fashioned dance halls and roller-skating rinks were always built with hardwood flooring? That sort of material lasts forever, even under tremendous abuse! And real hardwood has another distinct advantage. If original varnished flooring ever gets damaged it can be repaired. If it’s starting to show its age after a couple of decades, it can all be sanded down to present a brand new surface. Once it is resealed, either with an original varnish, or with a modern, super-tough Polyurethane protective coating, it should last another couple of decades or more.

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Synthetics & engineered wood

Modern substitutes for expensive hardwood are often indiscernible from solid hardwood. These are called Engineered Flooring, which as their name implies have a strong durable substrates, but the tops are covered with veneers of real hardwood of varying thicknesses. Sometimes the substrate is plywood for strength or fiberboard for cost-efficiency. The last back layer is frequently hardwood as well, for additional strength. The thicker varieties can be sanded down after many years of wear, often more than once, just like solid hardwood, and then resurfaced to look like new. More economical versions may not be sandable, but are still very strong and resilient. They could last for decades with no maintenance, especially in low traffic areas or when they are protected by fashionable area rugs.

It looks good everywhere

The choice of woods can vary from oiled teaks, to hand-sanded oaks, burled walnuts, or even knotty pines, for that classical look. Modern choices even include that astonishingly durable form of grass, bamboo! Although it is not waterproof, it is much more resistant to moisture than conventional hardwood. It would likely be inappropriate for laundry rooms or bathrooms, but is favored for kitchens. One of its best qualities is that it possesses a tensile strength similar to steel, and an amazing stain resistance.

Whether your home is full of beautiful antique furniture from the 17 th century, or the most technological-looking chrome and vinyl from the 21 st century, everything looks good sitting on a wooden floor. And if you want something soft underfoot, area rugs can be used to suit the current design of the room, and unlike broadloom, can be easily altered if you change your design.

Health benefits

Some people, who are hypersensitive to allergens, do much better in a house that doesn’t have any carpets at all. Modern carpeting no longer out-gases toxic fumes for a few months after installation, so that isn’t a concern. However, any fabric surface will retain pollen, pet hair, cat dander, or even household dust.

Synthetic, engineered, or real wood flooring, on the other hand, does not possess those drawbacks. In fact it’s very easy to keep clean. Allergen-sensitive people are generally very enthusiastic about wood. Hardwood throughout can be an excellent selling feature for your home when you’re ready to move.


Installing hardwood is no easy task, and you seldom want to tackle such a complex project. The skill involved is far too demanding for the average DIY homeowner. That is why we advise that you turn to our team of experts who can handle all of your Hardwood Flooring in the Houston area. They can handle all of the hard work for you, and give you a stunning result that is certain to draw compliments from all your guests, friends, and relatives!
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When it is time for Houston hardwood floors, we’d be honored if you would think of us. To make sure that you get the most out of your Houston, TX hardwood floor, we determine the right wood flooring material for your rooms based on desired effect, design, and durability. We also take the time to make sure that your new Houston flooring complements the various interiors of your home or office. We are Buffaloe Floors and we would be absolutely thrilled if you wanted to drop by to say "Howdy!", and maybe discuss your hardwood flooring needs with us, your local hardwood flooring in Houston experts! Of course, you can feel free to call us at (713) 626-9100 r 1-844-FloorUp. If you need some time to get your thoughts together and take some measurements, come back and REQUEST A FREE QUOTE at your convenience. And if you just feel like typing a bit, we have an online contact form right here for you. We hope to see you soon…to help make your home as beautiful as you imagine it can be!