Tile is versa-tile

If you're looking for a surface that can stand the test of time, choose tile. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are among the most durable surfaces that exist. Why do you think that they put it on the bottom of the Space Shuttle? It can stand up to just horrible abuse and still come up shining.

More importantly, it is waterproof, which is a major consideration in Houston. Better yet, for those of you who love wood floors but just can't risk it because of potential storm surges, we have a wonderful solution. WoodLook Tile is all the rage for tile flooring in Houston right now, and we have it for you!

You need a pro

What is really important to consider however is that it must be installed properly, by someone that knows what they're doing. There is one way to do the job right, and a stunning number of ways to do the job wrong. That's why you need a professional tile installer like you'll find here at your friendly neighborhood Buffaloe Floors, your premium tile store in Houston.

Tiles are not unbreakable—oh yes, they are tough, durable and a superb lifetime investment, but bad installation can result in numerous problems. If the surface isn't strong and fairly inflexible tiles could crack. Consider the example of placing a thin piece of wood between two chairs. Without strong support beneath, if you jump on it, it will break. That's basic physics!

Improperly installed tiles with gaps beneath can suffer the same fate, though it may take much longer because they're so strong. If the floor has too much give, the same thing can happen. An honest installer will say that you may not have a good surface for installing tile. A shoddy installer will install it anyway, take your money, and

Surfaces can often be reinforced and made sufficiently sturdy for a lifetime of resilient beauty and easy maintenance. We will tell you the truth to maintain our reputation as the leading tile store in Houston.

Of course tile doesn't have to be expensive! Yes, there is a selection of stunningly gorgeous Italian porcelain tiles that can make your neighbors swoon with envy. But there are some places in your home where pure utility is much more important, such as the mud room in the back of the house or the laundry room.

When you're looking for discount tile in Houston, we can help you out there, too. We're here to fulfill all your tiling needs.

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Go vertical

Don't forget the walls! What is easier to maintain that a tile wall? Nothing! It never needs painting, it doesn't show scuffs or fingerprints, and even you children's "artwork" can be easily erased.

And when used for a back splash for a kitchen, it makes cleaning a breeze. Not only is it great looking, but it is sanitary, and lasts forever.