Interior design


Interior design

Traditional, Modern, Post-Modern, Heritage Farmhouse, Open Concept, Ranch, Future Forward, Art Nouveau… There are so many choices—how do you decide what will characterize the look of your home?

You may love this freestanding, three-quarter-wall fireplace concept, but it may not work with your home design, architecture, furniture choices, local fire regulations, or any number of other factors.

The style and design of your home speaks volumes about you, and directly to others' perceptions of you. It doesn't have to be completely uniform throughout the house—even the White House has a bowling alley amongst all those priceless antiques.

What is important in interior design, however, is consistency within a single space, and flow (or as the Chinese say, Feng Shui) from one area to another. However, you don't need Chinese metaphysics to tell you that a darkened media room shouldn't open onto a sun-drenched patio. People hate harsh transitions!

Renovate or remodel: what's the difference?

Renovate means to "make new again", whereas remodel means to alter the design, function, or layout. They are totally different concepts.

We renovate to make your home more attractive for potential purchasers, or update some stale design for your own pleasure or enjoyment. We remodel to customize the function of your home, making it more suitable for your individual purposes. Floors and Up wants to do what is right for you.



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The benefits

Renovating allows you to increase your asking price, maximizing the return on your property. The key is to do "just enough" to enhance the perceived value, but not to place your home at the top end of the neighborhood price market. There is nothing wrong with being near the top end, but you don't want to price yourself out of the market.

Bathrooms and kitchens offer the best return on your investment dollar. There is one important caveat which you need to keep in mind: if you have a 4+ bedroom home with only one bathroom, it's better to add an extra one than to enhance the existing unit, if money is tight. Most buyers will undertake their own renovations within six months of purchase anyway, so they are often willing to undertake a bathroom renovation themselves because the home has a good-looking second bathroom.

Remodeling often isn't for purchasers, but for ourselves. Have you always wanted granite or quartz countertops? You'll love having them, and the fact that it increases your home's value is just incidental. The day of the bathtub is coming to a close, too. The walk-in shower is fast, but luxurious, unlike the tub which steals a lot of floor space for something that is seldom used (except for showering).

The same goes for getting rid of that hard, cracked, crystallized linoleum, and replacing it with a comfortable resilient surface such as durable, waterproof vinyl tiles or planks. Statistically you're going to drop "Aunt Betty's bone china serving platter" (or some other valuable) at some point.

Resilient flooring gives you a significantly improved chance of avoiding breakage. That won't happen with ancient, hardened linoleum, concrete, hardwood, or ceramic/porcelain tiles. If people call you "butterfingers", resilient flooring can be your best friend.

For those with a good grip on the family heirlooms, tile is also a good choice for kitchens. Since the kitchen is not a high moisture environment like the laundry room or the bathroom, bamboo is often recommended for its easy maintenance, and resistance to trivial spillage.

The takeaway

Whatever your plans for your home, Buffaloe Floors will be there to see to it that your interior design needs and renovation projects are handled by our top-of-the-line and thoroughly experienced professionals. Look no further than Buffaloe Floors for tried-and-tested interior design solutions. We will breathe new life into old rooms, or create stylish indoor spaces from scratch. We have you covered!

We personalize our approach according to your specifications. Our staff has decades of industry knowledge, and we guarantee that the Houston entire process will go as smoothly as possible with minimal disruption to your routine.

What do you need? Laminate flooring, Vinyl flooring, carpet, tile, or hardwood? Come and visit our Flooring Showroom in Houston and see our amazing selection.

We can handle any job, but our kitchen remodeling and our bathroom remodeling are two of our most sought-after skills.

We are Buffaloe Floors and we would be delighted if you wanted to drop by to say "Howdy!" and discuss your plans, hopes, and dreams for turning your home into your personal castle. Designs should help melt away the stresses of everyday life, not constantly remind you that there is work to do.

Of course, you should feel free to call us at (713) 626-9100 with any questions you might have. If you need some time to get your thoughts together and take some measurements, come back and REQUEST A FREE QUOTE at your convenience. And if you just feel like typing a bit, we have an online contact form right here for you.

We hope to see you soon…to help make your castle as beautiful as you imagine it can be!