Kitchen remodeling


Kitchen renovations

One of the most cost effective investments you can make in your home is the kitchen. In fact it's one of the two best places to invest if you are thinking of selling your home (the other being the bathroom).

On the other hand if you are an inveterate chef and can't stifle your creativity or keep yourself out of the kitchen, you can turn it into your personal wonderland. If this is where you plan to spend many years and it is time for Kitchen Renovations in Houston, let's get to work making it perfect for you.


The two terms, remodeling and renovating are often used as if they were synonymous but they have completely different meanings to builders and interior designers. What is the difference and why would you choose one over the other?

Kitchen Remodeling
As our Latin ancestors would be happy to tell us "RE" means "again", and "NOVA" means "new", so renovate means "to make something new again". Renovating might involve changing all the handles and drawer pulls, re-painting, and general restoration.

Remodeling, on the other hand, can refer to changing the entire purpose of the room, or more frequently to (sometimes drastically) altering its layout and intrinsic functionality.

For people looking to enhance the appeal and the value of their home prior to sale, renovation is probably the answer. Those looking to make it truly their own will probably be looking at remodeling, so that the refrigerator and stove are precisely where you want them; where you have great lighting; where there is enough space for you to set out all the ingredients for the meal you are preparing.

Let's say you want to eliminate your wall mounted kitchen sink, making room for a large expanse of granite kitchen countertop. The sink will instead move to a central kitchen island, which could also serve as an eating area.

That will entail new plumbing, new overhead lighting, new countertops, new kitchen flooring, and whatever else you desire for your perfect culinary retreat. It might even involve removing a wall, so that your kitchen becomes part of the living area, like a stage, so people can see your magnificent performance! The open concept cooking area has a strong appeal so that the chef can still participate in the social aspect of their own gathering.

As you can probably imagine, renovating might be very inexpensive with just a few gallons of paint, labor, and some hardware upgrades. Remodeling, on the other hand, could run into the tens of thousands of dollars, depending on your needs and requirements. Often it will turn out to be some combination of these factors and our Kitchen Remodeling experts in Houston will be delighted to discuss your needs.



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The takeaway

Let our Houston Kitchen Countertops and Kitchen Renovations experts help you choose the perfect countertop and accoutrements for your Dream Kitchen. Whether you're moving in just a few months, and seeking to increase the value of your home, or whether you are planning to stay for another couple of decades, we can help you make the best choices for creating value or ultimate functionality.

Whatever your purpose or desires, we can fabricate and install any natural or engineered stone, including environmentally sensitive and eco-friendly material. We can address all of your electrical requirements, and any of your plumbing needs.

We paint with top quality materials that will outlast most conventional paints, as well as building intricate and stunning backsplashes, or redesigning your kitchen floors in economical vinyl for comfort, or precious imported tiles purely for aesthetics. Everything you imagine can be possible.

It is all up to you. Our showroom provides many options for you to consider in shape, color, or design.

We are Buffaloe Floors and we want to be an intricate part of your plans to make your kitchen an inspiration for your culinary projects. We would be absolutely thrilled if you wanted to drop by to say "Howdy!", and maybe discuss your Kitchen Countertop requirements with us, your local Kitchen Countertops in Houston experts!

Of course, you should feel free to call us at (713) 626-9100 with any questions you might have. If you need some time to get your thoughts together and take some measurements, come back and REQUEST A FREE QUOTE at your convenience. And if you just feel like typing a bit, we have an online contact form right here for you.

We hope to see you soon…to help make your home as beautiful as you imagine it can be!