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The wood floor refinishing process can bring old, worn floors back to life. The process strips away years of wear and abuse, allowing for complete refinishing. This service is one of the reasons wood floors last so long, and you'll want to know more about it.

If you've never refinished wood floors before, this is a great time to find out what you need to know. Ask questions and get a consultation about your floors to get started. Once you share your needs with us, we'll work to make sure they're met.

What's the first step in hardwood floor refinishing?

Sanding floors is the first step in refinishing after the initial assessment. This step removes all visible wear and damage to reveal a fresh new layer of wood. We can add the stain color and finish of your choice from here.

Some homeowners like to stick with the same color and finish they had before. But others want to change it with something new, especially with new decor or furnishings. We'll discuss all these options as we help you plan for your refinishing.

How long does refinishing last?

Depending on the type of flooring, hardwood floor refinishing can last at least 10 years. After we assess your floors, we can give you all the details on the service and what you can expect from it. We'll also tell you how to care for the refinished surface so that you can avoid the process for as long as possible.

Treat your newly refinished floors with care, and don't walk on them for at least 24 hours after. You'll want to wait 48 hours before adding furniture or allowing pets to enter the room. You'll be glad you waited when you see the results of wood floor refinishing.



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