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Deep luxurious pile enwraps your feet when you first step out of bed in the morning. It cozies up to each toe, saying "Slippers? You don’t need slippers! I’ll take care of you!" Okay, maybe not… but there is a lot to be said for modern society. Do you know why we have "thresholds"? A century or more ago, when many people still had dirt floors, they used to put down threshing (the leftover part of grain after the kernels had been collected) so they wouldn’t have to walk on the mud, as well as acting as insulation. The board nailed across the bottom of the outside door was there to keep the material from falling outside every time the door was opened to hold the thresh inside. We’ve come a long way from there! Nowadays we have a stunning variety of floor coverings, designed for beauty, functionality, durability, sound absorption, weatherproofing, and more. The single most popular choice in the United States, outselling all other types combined, is carpet. And why should it be any different with carpets in Houston? It’s inexpensive, colorful, comes in innumerable textures and styles…and compared to other products, it is easy to install. Most carpets are made out of synthetic fibers such as Nylon, Olefin and Acrylic. The only natural fiber to be used for carpets is wool. The greatest problem with carpet is that there are so many varieties and choices, but fear not! Finding the perfect carpet is simple with the help of our reliable flooring experts.

They fit everywhere

Carpets are wonderful for living rooms, bedrooms, and most other indoor spaces that are usually fitted with cozy flooring. Each space may require something different. New home builders often accomplish carpet installation with bulk broadloom throughout, with every room the same. It’s fast, cheap, and doesn’t require any special instruction for the workers. Often that makes carpet the first thing people change when they update. Do you want a high-traffic, short loop, resilient Berber in your bedroom? Of course not! It provides very little cushioning, not very much sound dampening, and if we’re being honest with ourselves, it is really uncomfortable to walk on in bare feet. By the same token, you don’t want thick, fuzzy, high pile carpet in your front hall in case your children happened to walk in with boots covered in garden mud. That’s where you’re going to want nylon Berber that is durable, easy to clean, and which stands up to lots of abuse.

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They types

Berber we’ve already discussed, being a discount carpet with short and level loops. This makes it extremely uniform and smooth. It is very rugged and almost always made of synthetic materials.

The next choice, Multi-level Loops, is similar but it does away with the regularity, and grants a more textured appearance. It is also much better at absorbing sound than plain Berber.

The next style is called Cut-Pile. It is basically a loop carpet, but the loops are packed very closely together, and then the top of each loop is sheared off so there are no complete loops. These are very dense carpets, offering great cushioning and softness. Cut-pile comes in a number of varieties including:

  • Cable
  • Textured
  • Economical
  • Comfortable
  • Cut & loop
  • Plush

Plush is even and smooth as described above, and although Saxony may look similar, the fibers are twisted, and somewhat longer, so each one is more substantial. The drawback to Saxony is that the longer fibers tend to preserve dents created by furniture, or even footprints. Cable-style cut-pile also has long thick fibers like Saxony but is somewhat denser which makes it very comfortable to walk on.

Textured-style uses fibers of different lengths to create a more irregular surface. This can actually help to hide marks and stains, particularly if multiple colors of fibers are used. The oddest one of all is called Frieze-style, and is only now making a comeback in a more subdued form from its heyday in the 1960s when it was known as Shag rug. It is great for sound absorption but will not stand up in high-traffic areas.

Cut & Loop is an interesting choice for some applications, but it’s not to everybody’s taste. In the example above, in the dark areas the loop tips have been cut off, and in the light areas the loop tips have been left intact. This creates a lot of "texture" which may be appropriate for some design styles, but in high-traffic areas it tends to take on the appearance of being "worn out" in relatively short order.

The takeaway

When it is time for discount or wholesale carpet installation in Houston, we’d be honored if you would think of us. To make sure that you get the most out of your carpeting, we determine the right thickness and material for your rooms. We also take the time to make sure that your new carpet complements the various interiors of your home or office.

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