Custom area rugs


Custom area rugs

If you have gorgeous original hardwood flooring in your home, or visually stunning tile everywhere, the last thing you want to do is install wall-to- wall broadloom and cover it all up. Having these great looking hard surfaces in your home is both rewarding and impressive—and the ease of maintenance makes them a favorite—but they also have some intrinsic drawbacks that you need to cope with.

Problem #1
For example, unless you install under-floor heating for tile, either electrical or with recirculated hot water, it can be fairly cool to walk on in your bare feet, which is why heated tile is such a popular choice in bathrooms. It's less of a concern in the rest of the home where people tend to remain shod.

Problem #2
The other problem is a little harder to cope with because it involves acoustics. Large expanses of tile or wood cause sound to bounce around endlessly, and make a room seem very "echo-y" and vacant.

Soft furniture is a good choice to absorb sound, but it may not fit in with your décor. Huge panel draperies are fantastic for muting echoes, but you would have to keep them drawn all the time to get the maximum effect, and we humans really do like our daylight and beautiful views.

The answer

Area rugs, particularly thick luxurious carpets, love to absorb weak sounds like echoes. Once you eliminate those, it makes a room feel intimate and cozy; it's more inviting and much friendlier. Finding an ideal carpet might be problematic, however, since they come as fairly common sizes that don't fit in every room. Something excessively long or wide can oblige you to spread your furniture too far apart for comfortable conversation. Something which is too small is obvious to the eye, and simply looks like a bad design choice for the room.



We're here to help

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Custom-sized to fit your space

Our production team is well equipped to handle any custom rug design. Come to our Houston carpet showroom, and look through our vast array of samples in beautiful designs, colors, thicknesses, and quality. All you have to do is tell us the dimensions that you require, and select the "perfect" design for your room. We can then begin to fabricate your new custom area rug to fit any room in your house perfectly.

Why should you have to struggle with a prefabricated ¾ (3 unit × 4 unit) rug such as a 9 × 12 or 6 × 8, or a standard ½ rug (4 × 8, or 6 × 12), when you can have a custom-made area rug that precisely fits your space? The answer is that you should not! Come and see us at Buffaloe Floors for the finest custom made carpets in Houston!

Custom area rugs size: You can have anything you want, in any size you want, in any design you want. Even if you desire Royal Purple, with an Orange border, and a Lime Green fringe (Yikes!), we won't judge. You don't have to capitulate to what bulk rug manufacturers dictate. If you need something unique, something that fits your personal style, we can do it for you.

The designs in the pictures above were selected by our customers for very specific purposes. They didn't settle for what was available—they ordered and received exactly what they needed to fit in their personal space—and they loved it.

You'll feel the same way with your custom designed area rug! You're no slave to the decrees to the evil Rug-Designing Overlords. You want what you want, and if you come to the premium Wholesale Carpet establishment in Houston we will make certain that you leave with the best value, and a custom designed area rug that is exactly as you described.

The takeaway

There are so many good points about area rugs, but aside from exclusivity and beauty there's one other really important factor: If you decide to change the design of your room, it is going to be much easier with an area rug. Removing and reinstalling broadloom can be an arduous and expensive task.

Rolling up an area rug and moving it to another room, or putting it in storage until you need it again is much more economical than renting a dumpster and then having your broadloom end up in a landfill site. The fact is, it is much better for the environment, and a beautiful custom area rug can be handed down through the generations, increasing in value.

We are Buffaloe Floors and we would be delighted if you wanted to stop by for a visit to say "Howdy!" We'd love to discuss your Houston carpet needs and show you all of the marvelous solutions for your toughest design challenges. We are your local Quality and Discount Carpet in Houston experts!

Of course feel free to call us at (713) 626-9100,and we can answer your questions. Or maybe you want to take some time to get your thoughts together and take some measurements—then come back and REQUEST A FREE QUOTE through our online contact form right here for you at your convenience.

Hoping we see you soon—to make your home as beautiful as you imagine it can be!