8 Creative backsplash materials

Written By Rachel Harvey


The biggest trend in design at the moment is the look of Calcutta Marble, it’s gorgeous and can be used in a wide variety of designs and styles. Marble also offers a number of benefits in the kitchen, it ages beautifully and is extremely durable to both heat and moisture.


Not only is cork eco-friendly but it’s inexpensive, water resistant, eco-friendly and has a natural sound absorbing quality that keeps noise in your house from traveling. You can even DIY a cork backsplash project and attempt to do it yourself. Cork has the ability to bounce back to its original shape making it highly resilient to everyday use.


Wood is a creative and rarely seen choice for a backsplash, with its many color options and easy click and snap application, it makes a unique and beautiful option for any kitchen. Once it’s been sealed, wood is durable and adds a warm touch to the kitchen.


Mirrored backsplashes are popular largely in part because of their affordable price point. They’re also easy to clean, brighten up the space they’re in, make the room appear larger than it is, and act as a unique design feature.

Metal or stainless steel

Stainless Steel backsplashes, or any smooth metal like bronze or copper, is an excellent choice for their durability and easy clean up. Metal can be finished in several ways, ranging from smooth to brushed to hammered, making it a versatile backsplash option.


Tile is the most popular backsplash option out there. It’s simple to install, easy to maintain, and comes in a huge range of colors, shapes, and sizes. If you can think it, you can probably find the look in tile. Not only is it water resilient, durable and heat resistant but it’s incredibly easy to replace.


Concrete give a unique and modern feel to the kitchen, it’s very durable and versatile and can be stained or come pre-finished in any color. Concrete must be sealed because its porous and will stain but one could also argue that it might add character over time.